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Open Awareness

Peace be with you

Peace of Mind

Peace be with you

Calm Spirit

Keiya Hanna Tasire

M.S., C.H., R.M.T.

Master Science in

Clinical Psychology 

with Family,

Substance Abuse

& Wellness emphasis


Counseling Hypnotherapist

Reiki Master & Teacher

Tranformational Life Coach

Hypnosis Self-Care Support


The Purpose of This Website

   Open Awareness * Peace of Mind * Calm Spirit            

This website is dedicated to each human being’s deep inner search for a life filled with increased love, peace and joy. Reaching toward the fulfilment of a meaningful, purposeful and healthy life. Where one finds increase in contentment, awareness, and peace of mind. Through practices and knowledge that develops a calmer Spirit and an ability to live more gracefully within the synchronicity of living “In Spirit.”


Providing Transpersonal Therapeutic Services

to Increase Wisdom, Wellness,  Health and Well-Being

for Indivdials, Couples and Groups. 


By promoting healthy self care, self-determination, and self-paced growth and development of the “Total Person.”

By Supporting wellness through applictions of Therapeutic Counseling, Counseling Hypnotherapy, Energy Pyschology, Positvie and Transpersonal Pyschology Practices.

Through holistic health & wellness education regarding the integrative roles and nature of the body, mind, breath, spirit, heart.

With evidence based practices  applied with regard for each indivdiual’s cultural, and ancestral, wisdom .

With respect for our interconnectedness with the envoronment and world around us. Thus including respect and regard for all of our relationships with the Mineral, Plant, Aminmal, Human, Spiritual and Divine.

With a belief that creating peace, balance and harmony in the world begins first with creating personal inner peace, and learning how to live in harmony and balance within the world around us.

The Journey Begins....

Line Upon Line; Precept Upon Precept

We are each drawn toward a journey of finding harmony and balance between the life forces of natural and cosmic laws.  Experience leads us toward higher knowledge and wisdom, line up on line and precept upon precept.

Each experience expands our awareness, our wisdom, and our Inner Light. Realization and awareness comes as we are ready to heal what comes up from within the depths of our heart and soul. 

Yes, what is coming up is ready to heal. On this journey we each are faced with a choice to step into courge. If you put aside our fear, courage will take your hand, as your healing journey begins.  A path that will open awareness,  increase peace of mind, calm the Spirit, and increase understanding, widom,  and growth. Know you never need to do this alone. 

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