Principles of Cousneling Hypnotherapy

Principles of Cousneling Hypnotherapy

Counseling Hypnotherapy is modeled after Eric Erickson’s Hypnothoerapy Applicaitons. Erickson’s basici principles of Hypnotherapy used during his counseling practice: 

(1) each person is unique;

(2) hypnosis is an experiential
process of communicating ideas;

(3) each person has generative resources;

(4) trance potentiates resources;

(5) trance is naturalistic and biologically essential;

(6) Ericksonian approaches orient to solutions more than to problems;

(7) a person’s uniqueness may be appreciated at many levels;

(8) the unconscious can operate generatively.

Principles of Pyscho-Energetic Therapy

Psycho-Energetic Therapy

The physical intervetions of therapies such as EFT, Reiki, Massage and other modalities help to reguliate the body’s electrical energy fields and signals.

  • Energy Pyschology notes that physical and mental health conditions are interconnected with the body’s electrical fields and electrical energies flow and functions.
  • The energy can be manipulated to open spiritual development and healing.
  • Pyscho-Energetic interventions work in combination with therapy to shift and change unwanted behviors, thoughts and feelings.
  • Pyscho-Energetic Interventions retrain the brain and help people release emotional and/or physical reactions contributing to ill health.
  • Psycho-Energetic Therapy is benefifical to relieve the memories and fears that cause hyerarousal.
  • Conditions which benefit from energy psychology interventions are anxiety and posttraumatic stress, and states of hyperarousal.

In this practice counseling hypnotherapy, therapeutic cousneling and energy psychology interventions are integrated EFT,  Reiki, Tai Chi,  yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and conginitive reframing to reduce the symptoms of tramatic events, lessen fears, and open healing through the body’s energetic mind, body, spirit and heart system.

Principles of Transpersonal Counseling & Coaching 

Transpersonal Therapy & Coaching Principles

Underlying Principles

Many transpersonal therapists affirm the need for healing and growth at all level of personality development — ego level, existential level, and transpersonal level (Vaughan, 1986).

The Unfolding Awareness of the Self – The therapist’s unfolding awareness of their  Transpersonal Self and awareness of their  spiritual perspective on life is an important and essential element in the therapeutic process for the client.

Expainding Personal Identity – The transpersonal therapist affirms the importance of expanding the a client’s  identification with the ego to include the innermost portions of his or her identity that has ignored, overlooked or denied.

Awakening – The healing nature of inner awareness and intuition in this process of awakening from a lesser egocentric form of identity to a greater inner Self identity is recognized, acknowledge, and accepted (Vaughan, 1979b).

The Theraeputic Relationship – The transformative potential of the therapeutic relationship is recognized to be actual and real not only for the client but for the therapist as well.

Some underlying principles that unite transpersonal therapist and coaches:

Some underlying principles that unite transpersonal therapists are:

  • Our Essential Nature is Spiritual
  • Our Conscious is multidimensional.

Reiki Therapy Principles

Reiki Therapy Principles

  • Just for today I let go of  worry.
  • Just for today I choose understanding over  anger.
  • Just for today I do my work honestly.
  • Just for today I give thanks for my many blessings.
  • Just for today I am kind to my neighbour and every living thing.

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