What is Counseling Hypnotherapy?

It is an advanced hypnotherapy and counselling skills with a strong focus on Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. InSpirit offers various modalities, including the complementary Transpersonal Psychology skills sets: Reiki for stress management, Hatha Yoga Psychology, Breath Work, Meditation, Living Qi, applications of  Acupuncture Theory, Chakras, Mantras, Meditation & Mindfulness are used to complement hypnotherapy counseling sessions.

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

Milton Erickson, was a psychiatrist who specialized in family therapy and medical hypnosis. His work differs from other forms of hypnotherapy, in its use of  indirect suggestion and storytelling to create opportunities for understanding and shifts at the unconscious level the mind.  This modality is very sensitive and respectful of client readiness and wiliness fro change.  In our estimate it is a kinder, gentler approach to working with individuals, complies and families that traditional hypnotherapy.


Is psychotherapy used alongside another form of counseling such CBT, PCBT, psychodynamic, Jungian, transpersonal, Gestalt, Reality, family or individual interventions; and hypnotherapy.


Keiya Tasire at InSpirit

Uses Counseling Hypnotherapy and hypno-psychotherapy in her work with clients. Taking an integrative as she works with those she serves. Having received training in both psychotherapy and counseling hypnotherapy. In this way, she is able to work with deeper issues holistically; body, mind, spirit and heart. The core belief that guides her work is, “We each have inner strengths and inner resources to draw from when doing hypnotherapy-psychotherapy change work. It is inside of each one of us.”