Hello! I’m Keiya

A Therapeutic Counselor, Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Therapist

You will find the most popular of Keiya’s collections here in her blog!

Keiya is a counseling hypnotherapist & life challenges coach. She has believed in the importance of holistic personal development and growth since the early 1980’s. With a broad range of experiences over her years working as a coach, counselling hypnotherapist, family specialist social service family specialist who specialized in working with single mothers struggling to get on their feet, and addicted parents working to keep their children in the home while working to overcome their addictions. When asked about the work she does, her reply was,

“It takes a long time to learn how to walk on water! Each day, my clients and I get a little better day by day. After all, change is a life long process meant to bring each of us to living deeper within our heart with each new understanding and expansion into love, joy, peace and increased harmony.” 

Keiya is seasoned in these areas of service and support for her clients. She specializes in relationships, emotional intelligence, applications of values and principles needed to create and lasting change in personal life.  She enjoys teaching families, couples and individuals how to bring lasting change into their personal lives.  You will find her musings and and understanding of holistic life enriching and practical, delivering a touch of home and hearth to teach basic skills for basic and provident living. 

Keiya will also share  some of her writings and photography throughout the blog. You will also find interviews of holistic  health providers as Keiya explores how all can work together to provide services for the greater good of our communities. You will find many of Keiya’s poems, healing stories, guided imagery, recordings included among this blog that she has created over the years for her past clients and her new friends of InSpirit.

We hope that  you enjoy reading as much as we have enjoyed putting these items together for you.