Where Do I Start?

We invite you to give us a call. 1-778-654-0358 PDT. 

Leave a messasge, if we do not pick up. And will call you back today. 

Make your First Contact

Dial 1-778-654-0358 

Call for a free consultation with Keiya.  If she is in session, please leave a message with your name and phone number and Keiya will return your call. If she is not in session she picks up the phone and delivers your free consultation.

If you have an emergency,
please dial 911 for your local services.



Schedule a Call 

To disccover what  servicecs are best for your needs. 

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Keiya will  call you

Scheduling a time for a call eliminates playing phone tag. In a First time consultation you may ask about our services and explore with Keiya what best suits your choices for the counseling or life coaching. Keiya to discuss your wants, needs and desired changes with Keiya. It is easy to do. Just  click on the photo above and follow the instructions.

What happens during the First Consultation? 

During the first consultation you will be asked

1) What brings you to counseling?

2) What are your concerns?

3) What symptoms are you experiencing?

4) What do you want to accomplish while working together?

When answering the questions, answer honestly.

Before session prepare some questions you wish to ask during your fist consultation.


For In Spirit – Therapeutic Counseling Hypnotherapy

& Transpersonal Life Coaching

What services does In Spirit offer?


How do I schedule a counseling, hypnotherapy or a life coaching session?

 Click on the Calendar Link Below: 

Payments for Sessions

For In Spirit 

Therapeutic Counseling Hypnotherapy

& Transpersonal Life Coaching Sessions. 

Our Billing is very Simple 

  • First Consultation is Free!
  • All other Sessions are $1.00 / Minute

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