Integrative Wellness Counseling

by Keiya Hanna Tasire

A Place for Gtowth, Change & Inner Healing

Counseling-Psychology * Counseling Hypnotherapy * Transpersonal Life Coaching


April 30, 2022


Keiya Hanna Tasire, MS, CH
Is a trained masters level therapist with experience supporting clients through life challenges, past abuse and trauma  by awakening your connections ro your innate mind, body,  spirit and heart wisdom. This connection opens invreased skills to create growth, inner healing and wellness. Keiya  beings a fresh understanding of relationships, sobriety and personal development.  By addressing tough chalkenges through the lens of holistic psychology coupled with integrative interventions.
Keiya,  holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology,  with minors in business, addictions, human and family development. Her masters of science degree is in Clinical Psychology with emphases in wellness, substance abuse and counseling. She has decades of experience and on the job training within these areas of service to individuals, couples and families.


Keiya  works online globally as a Transperfonal Wellness Coach and locally in Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada as a therapeutic   counselor. She is experienced working with people from large and midsized cities in Utah, California, Montana, and Nevada; plus rural lyrics in these area and in British Columbia.  Suppoeting individuals, couples and families struggling with addictions, violence, trauma and relationship issues. Keiya’s  private “In Spirit” is located in the Canadian West Kootenays,  named InSpirit in Kaslo, BC, Canada.

Keiya loves serving as a counselor.,  increasing emotional intelligence,  support for growth, inner healing, and wellness. As ber clients choose and create healthier lives.

She is determined that individuals, couples and familirs recieve the support they need to cultivating self empowerment, explore levels of self  discovery, inner healing, increased wellness and higher conscious living. You areinvited to call Keiya. Ask her questions and discover if you are a good fit to work together. 

I-250-353-L5L5  Pacific Time