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April 30, 202


Meet Keiya
She is a trained masters level therapist with experience supporting clients through life’s changes and challenges.   She opens a safe place and supportive space for deep inner healing; mind, body, spirit and heart. 
Keiya  beings a fresh understanding of relationships, sobriety and holistic personal development.  You will find her supportive through your toughest challenges.
Her masters of science degree is in Clinical Psychology with emphases in wellness, substance abuse and counseling. She her tool box contains years of experience, study and wisdom. of experience serving individuals, couples and families.


Keiya  works online globally, from the small mountain town of Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada as a therapeutic counselor, and Reiki Master.  She teaches holisic life shills and Christ Consciousness. 

Her English speaking clients are spread spread far and wide through Canada, the USA, Australia India and Europe. 

She is originally from the the western USA and enjoys a quiet rural life with her husband in the West Kootenay Mountains of Canada. 

Today she continues to support individuals, couples and families struggling with addictions, violence, trauma and relationship issues. 

Keiya loves serving as a counselor.,  increasing emotional intelligence,  support for growth, inner healing, and wellness. As ber clients choose and create healthier lives.

You are invited to call Keiya. Ask her questions and discover if you are a good fit to work together.

I-250-353-1515  Pacific Time